Quality Original Publications created by United States Military Veterans published digitally and in print.

Yup... That's me standing there on the submarine.  We took that photo at one of my favorite places, Battleship Cove, in Massachusetts.  I started my career in graphic design and illustration back in 1975.  Over the years, after serving in the United States Navy (explains my love for old ships) I've had the honor of working on several pretty awesome projects from publications to film.  When I'm not working on commercial projects, I love doing scenic photography, and digital acrylics and painting. 
Yes, I am a publisher, a consultant, and an illustrator.  I am also a Veteran who takes great pride in those who serve and have served our United States.  I've worked in law enforcement, and also have done forensic illustration. 
I am also an average everyday small business owner.  In a small business everyday you have to make choices, take risks, and compete with big corporations who have much deeper pockets than you do.  I have learned over the years to turn being a small business into an advantage.  I am happy to help others in their businesses.  It's my personal belief that it is the local small business owners who are the backbone of our economic engine in these United States.
From our publications to the graphics and illustrations I design... I have always had a dedication to doing a quality job for my clients.  As an illustrator, I'm not cheap.  Quality takes time, and effort, and attention to detail.  I'm John M. Moore.  For forty years plus you've seen my work.  My portfolio is all around you.  Just look around.
I get my love for trains from my father.  For over 20 years he published "Railnotes" a popular publication for rail enthusiasts across America.  Sadly, in 1986 he passed away.  After inheriting the bulk of his publications and photo library some years ago, I made the decision to re-publish some of his work and to carry on his love for trains.  Recently we launched a new website, "Linscott's Train" which features limited edition paintings by John M. Moore, Very rare historic rail photography, photos I've taken, short stories from our current writers, myself, and some of my father's old articles.
When we re-launched my father's publication "Railnotes"  I had no idea it would take off so strongly, but I am sincerely humbled by the many dedicated readers we already have.  Remember, you can download RAILNOTES from the publication page of this website absolutely FREE each month.  I can't wait to share the next edition with you.
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